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My membership was decline, I met all the requirements. My account was hacked, I will never use your service again y'all can kiss my *** *** *** I will tell all my friends and family not to news Turo again they *** suck *** heads.

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Denied - for no reason. I meet all of their requirements but was denied a membership. I gave them my social security number, address, photo of my license, photo of my face, and credit card information and they are unable to disclose a reason why. I understand this has happened to other people. Now they have responded to my inquiry saying any emails or questions I have for them won't even be responded to. What are they doing with the sensitive... Read more

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I have never expected such an unprofessional attitude from Turo. I was on hold by your customer representative from past 30 min so that I could connect to Miss Kristen in claims department but after waiting for so long my phone was disconnected by Turo. Not to mention this is not just one incident, I have been requesting her to call me back from past 2 days and every time I get some or the other false assurance that she would be calling in an... Read more

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The turo website is now hobbled compared to what relay rides used to be. You used to be able to contact a car own to get answers to questions like whether a car was smoke free or if you could wiggle in a few extra miles, etc. That ability to contact is now gone. IF you try and call Turo for support, you get a very narrow range of selections most of which say to use their website. After a terse set of options, none of them which applied to what... Read more

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TERRIBLE company. I am a host through Airbnb and love the all the new sharing apps out there. This one is DO NOT USE for sure. I returned my car in tip top shape yet the owner filed a claim. Turn states that it can withhold AT LEAST $300 even if you win the case!! It is for "processing" or taking the time to deal with it or what ever. Luckily it was not me who caused the damage but another driver. Otherwise I would have been in the hole for SO... Read more

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I thought it was an awesome idea to be able to rent a nice car for a decent price. Then I rented a very nice Jeep Wrangler and returned it without any damages. The car owner filed a false claim for 800 stating the vehicle was damanged. He posted Picts of a jeep that wasn't the one I rented. Turo took the 800 out of my account without any notice. Of course I reached out to the claims specialist which wasn't no help at all. I provided her with... Read more

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Well, check this out. I joined Turo. Didn't rent for a while. Decided to give them a try when I was out of town. Paid the rental fee plus a delivery fee, money came out instantly from my credit card. On the way to get the car I am told the owner canceled and my membership has been declined. I was already a member. Their support team had given me a $50 credit and my thinking was they didn't want me to use the credit. Personally I think they are... Read more

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They have changed their name from RelayRides to Turo. Rented out a Toyota Prius for 3 months. Car was in good condition, but major problem with the way Turo operates. They allowed a woman who doesn't own the car to create a Turo account and rent out the car with expired registration and expired insurance. She told me the car was her bosses car. When I asked to see the registration when she delivered the car, it wasn't under her boss' name. The... Read more

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This company should be shut down. A couple of months ago, my car was totally unreliable until I could get it fixed, and I signed up for Relay Rides. I found a vehicle to rent for a week. In the middle of that week, I was informed that my own car wouldn't be ready when my rental was up. So I went back to the website and attempted to reserve another rental starting the day after I returned the current one. Can you believe that you can't do that?... Read more

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Rented my suburban for 2 years and it went well. Suburban got wrecked. Turo doesn't want to pay. Sad!! Insurance not good. Read more

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