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The owner of the “said” car claimed I damaged his tire, yet I have a solid witness who was with me when I dropped the car off! Just look at this photo he took of the damage!

I can't believe they went through with this. I parked it in the middle of the driveway so he could make a full inspection of it, it was in the middle of the afternoon, full sun. As I was removing my bags he came out and looked at the car, asked me if there was any problems, I told him that at first I thought the wipers were bad but had figured out it was the defrost, as it fogged up really bad when you first got in the car each time, but nothing else. He walked around the car, got in, drove it into the parking garage while we waited, then he came back a few minutes later and I asked him if there was anything further we needed to do or if that was it and he said no, that all was good and he shook my hand and I thanked him and we left.

If he is seriously claiming all of these things, he should have said something then while inspecting it. He is a LIAR and I will not stand idly by when someone like that is going to flat out falsify that ANY damage was done to that car because when I dropped it off, that car was perfectly fine. I want proof, because he is not sending me any, and I want photos, if any, and I want to see the dates on these photos. I have seen some crazy, unexplainable charges on my credit card bill and I am not sure if these are all because of that, but I don’t have any documentation of ANYTHING regarding this claim, and no one from Relayrides has responded to my last attempt to get details from this.

Is there a phone number for this company??? I am going to dispute these charges and dispute this bogus claim. I don’t know if he is mentally ill or just trying to make someone pay for something he or someone else did to the car, he did say someone was coming to rent it 30 minutes after I dropped it off. This is all a scam.

Worst nightmare Ever. Here's the "proof" he has on the claim that cost me $1134 just for damage to a tire!

Monetary Loss: $1334.

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Imabari, Ehime, Japan #1178272

So, what was the outcome? Did the company pay you back?

I am making my final review of all the RV rentals and GAH or clipperhome is my debate. Any onfo would help.

Tha. GK/6/2016


The same thing happened to me, well about to happen. The fraud i rented the car from claimed about the same damage, tire and front scratch, which i didn't do.

May i know how you solved it? I'm about to fight this.


I'm dealing with the same nightmare.


Worst experience of my life renting out my car through relayrides



How did it end up going? I'm going through something similar at the moment. Were you able to beat the claim??

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