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Denied - for no reason. I meet all of their requirements but was denied a membership.

I gave them my social security number, address, photo of my license, photo of my face, and credit card information and they are unable to disclose a reason why. I understand this has happened to other people. Now they have responded to my inquiry saying any emails or questions I have for them won't even be responded to. What are they doing with the sensitive customer data, social security numbers, and credit card information with the people they deny?

How are they able to take this information and then deny a reason? And then say they're no lot even going to respond to emails.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of relayrides sign up. RelayRides needs to "a clear answer as to: 1. why i was denied after meeting all of the requirements 2. what is being done with my credit card, social security number, and personal information?" according to poster's claims.

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I was also denied due to my "transunion auto score" which is odd because i have a perfect driving record no tickets ever, i have always kept valid insurance, and I have never had a wreck. When I got a transunion agent on the phone she told me they keep no such score.

When I called Turo back and explained this to them the turo agent told me that an auto insurance score is indeed real but she does not know where they get it from.

She went on to tell me that this score is based off the likelihood of the account holder to file a claim. I went on to tell her i wanted to file a discrimination claim because I have never in all of my 35yrs filed a claim of any sort so in order for them to come up with such a thing they had to have based their decision off my gender, age, race, or religon but most definatly not driving record!

Wichita, Kansas, United States #1354725

Same here. I have excellent credit, no accidents, no traffic violations, no insurance claims in over 10 years, homeowner, business owner. If they can't approve me to rent, they must have very few customers.

Fort Pierce, Florida, United States #1335301

Omg! This happend to me and a friend of mine as well.

They made us send photos of face holding license, pic of drivers license and a pic of credit card and they still denied me. The first trip was good no problems except one.

I paid for the rental then noticed a couple of hours later that more money was taken out of my bank account. So now I'm thinking this site is a scam and I'm going to figure out what's really going on.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1316284

The same thing happened to me. I meet every requirement. I am thinking of taking legal action.

Henderson, Kentucky, United States #1206461

The same thing just happened to me in Kentucky.

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