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I rented a car through Relayrides for a quick 2-day trip, and I've been dealing with Relayrides for almost a month now for the damages I didn't cause, and they're still chasing after me for money. My nightmare started one day after my rental's over when I got the damage claim email for a front bumper scratch and a tire pressure problem.

The owner claimed that I caused both damages and Relayrides sent me an email saying they will initiate a $550 processing fee in one business day, wtf? I didn't think of anything like this would happen so I didn't take evidence pictures on purpose, but gladly I took some pictures when I got the car that luckily can prove that the scratch was already there. I also took pictures of the air pressure warning message on the dashboard to kindly let the owner know so he can fix his car not even to blame him for his car giving me trouble and inconvenience during the rental, and not to expect he would use my kindness against me. When I provided my photos and the pictures the owner uploaded to Relayrides in comparison, since they showed the same scratch.

The Relayrides representative asked me where I got his pictures and told me she didn't see them while it's on their website the whole time. This shows that Relayrides claim department didn't care to look into the case enough to the point that they didn't even see the pictures on their own website that were uploaded by the owner when he dropped off the car that vaguely show the same scratch he claimed to be caused by me! What a joke?! After I proved the scratch was already there and the air pressure wasn't caused by me "hitting something in the front without me noticing it that caused the front scratch and the tire pressure problem" claimed by Relayrides and the owner since the time didn't even match up!

The air pressure problem came up in the last hour before I returned the car. What a pain in the *** that I had to investigate everything while all relayrides did was to convince me that "I caused the damage without noticing it" and they were all ready to charge me for whatever estimate the owner is going to tell them. After I finally proved that the front scratch was pre-existing to my rental, I got a message in a few days from debt collect company Sphere Risk Partner asking me for my insurance policy and told me I'll have to pay for the damage. I called them up and they told me they already paid the owner for the damage.

Relayrides seems so irresponsible at this point to their renters. I would never trust this company again.

Without getting any email from Relayrides after they promised an update if anything changed, I got an email asking me to pay for all the damage while the last time I checked with Relayrides, I wasn't at fault. Relayrides ignored me for a few days after I sent them an email asking what's changed. I was left with a money collecting email without any explanation from relayrides, all i could do is wondering anxiously what's going on and why they're asking me for money again?!

They wrote back finally told me the owner is pursuing the back scratch that he told me in person "he was pretty sure it was already there", which I told relayrides also. I told Sphere Risk what happened and they told me they're closing their file and please to contact relayrides directly. And almost a month past, Relayrides is still chasing after me to pay for the back scratch that wasn't my fault at all. Obviously the owner wasn't being honest: he changed his words from "i'm pretty sure the scratch was already there" to asking me for money for "the old scratch".

HOWEVER, Relayrides doesn't care if he was honest or not while all they did was is to ask me for money. Second, somebody hit me from behind at stop sign and I reported to his and my insurance company just for record since neither me or the hitter could see any obvious scratch that was caused by the touch of the car behind me. However, the hitter wasn't an honest person either. He gave me an insurance card that has already expired with GEICO.

My insurance agent contacted GEICO and found his new insurance. Nevertheless, Relayrides didn't really care that the accident was solely the third party's fault and they claimed the hitter didn't have an active insurance, so they asked me for money today again while i'm waiting for more information of the hitter's new insurance that he had when the accident happened. They told me they will charge my card in one business day after I told them my insurance agent already created a claim with the hitter's new insurance. Relayrides ignored my request to hold the charge as if they didn't see my email and my card will be charged for a scratch wasn't at my fault.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST EVERYONE think twice before they rent a car from RELAYRIDES since it's not worth the risk and the hassle to deal with dishonest owners, while Relayrides wouldn't do much to help except for asking you for money. With the money saved, you may pay MUCH more for a damage you didn't do.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. jingxia1219 stated that there is a room for improvement of unauthorized charged and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor solution, customer service and the way it's deal with." of relayrides car rental and associated monetary loss in the amount of $500. RelayRides needs to "i want relayrides to stop charging me for the damages not caused by me or not at my fualt, and a $500 for the physical sickness and mental illness caused by dealing with your horrible customer service" according to poster's claims.

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